Preparing for onboarding to a grants management platform

Embarking on the journey to implement a grants management platform is a significant milestone for any organisation. It marks a transition toward more efficient and organised grant administration. However, this transition is not as simple as signing up for a platform; it’s a process with multiple moving parts that can impact your organisation and the … Read more

Five Tips to writing better grants templates

Writing application templates for your grant rounds can be an intimidating task. It can be the difference between your applicants having a great experience or a not-so-great experience, so it is worthwhile giving some thought to how the template is organised and making use of all the tools available. If done correctly, building a great … Read more

The Value of Grants Management Software

 A Bit on Grants Management Software Types What is Grants Management Software? Why do we need it, and what value does it offer? When first learning about the grants management space, these are common questions you might have. To better understand Grants Management Software, it’s important to distinguish between its two main categories. The first … Read more