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Born out of the public sector, Tahua has proven over the years to be the comprehensive and end-to-end grants management solution for streamlining and executing government grants programs.

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Comprehensive and versatile

Trusted by government agencies of all kinds

Te Rau Ora - Grants Management Software for Government Agencies in Māori Health and Social Services
NZ ON AIR - Grants Management Software for Government Agencies in Broadcasting & Creative Works
Te Māngai Paho - Grants Management Software for Government Agencies Promoting Māori Language and Culture through Radio, TV, and Music.


From health initiatives to educational grants and cultural funding for film and music, Tahua’s grant management platform caters to all. Its flexible and robust system ensures efficient management and seamless operations across various sectors and industries.

Streamline and simplify any grant process

Community and cultural development

  • Easily track and manage cultural and community development projects with Tahua’s comprehensive reporting tools, ensuring funds are used effectively and outcomes are transparent.
  • Leverage our Milestone capability to assess the impact of each tranche of funding. This ensures that grants are achieving their intended outcomes and facilitating necessary adjustments in real-time.

Film, music, radio, and anything creative

  • Manage diverse types of media and funding programs with customizable forms. This makes it easy to adapt to the specific needs of screen sector projects.
  • Support niche audiences and breakthrough projects with Tahua’s dynamic application processes. Our application process is easily adapted to the evolving needs of the creative sector.

Educational and youth initiatives

  • Engage youth with Tahua’s user-friendly interface, designed to be intuitive and accessible for users of all ages.
  • Manage a variety of educational grants with Tahua’s customizable forms and workflows.

Maximize the impact of your grants

Discover how Tahua transforms grant management for government agencies. Our targeted features streamline processes, improve decision-making, and enhance grant tracking, ensuring efficiency and impact.

Enable your staff and stakeholders to move through your grant process easily and assuredly with Tahua’s many collaboration features. Staff members can work alongside each other to prepare and review grants. They can also work alongside grant applicants to make sure their grant application meets requirements and is in its best shape for consideration.

We understand that working with public funds and distributing them as grants requires a level of accountability that can withstand scrutiny. Tahua’s auditing features make it simple to review and understand how grant applications are processed, reviewed, and ultimately awarded grant funding.

Working closely with government agencies that have been distributing grants for many years, Tahua’s has been designed and developed to get the job done quicker and easier. With Tahua, we enable your organization and team to get more done with less, capable of doubling the number of contracts under management with the same size or even smaller team.

Secure your grant management processes with confidence as Tahua protects your data at every turn. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from encryption, robust access controls, and regular security audits. Stay compliant with critical data protection regulations, and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring thorough security across all platforms.

Access your grant management tools on any device, anytime, ensuring seamless operation and ultimate convenience with Tahua. Our platform supports universal design principles, adheres to WCAG standards for accessibility, and provides robust training to empower all users.

Why Tahua?

Grant management software for government built for ease, efficiency, and effectiveness

Proven Partner in Public Sector

Join a growing network of satisfied government clients across New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Canada who trust Tahua for their grant management needs. Our platform is built to meet the unique needs of public sector grant management and is recognized for its reliability and tailored service, earning us the trust and loyalty of an expanding client community.

A Track Record of Dependable Performance

Tahua stands the test of time. Celebrating over six years of successful partnerships, our first client remains a valued user today, underscoring our commitment to long-term service and satisfaction. With a notably low churn rate and clients returning even after exploring other options, Tahua is synonymous with consistent, reliable results in grant management software for government.

Scaling with Your Organization’s Needs

With Tahua, scaling your grant management capabilities becomes effortless. Our platform is designed to handle increasing demands and complexities, adapting seamlessly to your agency’s growth. Regularly updated with features developed from real user feedback, Tahua evolves to meet your changing needs without compromising on service or functionality.

Thanks to Tahua, our small team has more than doubled the number of funding rounds and the number of contracts under management in the last two years.

— Larry Parr, Te Māngai Pāho, CEO


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Discover how Tahua can streamline your grant management from application to impact assessment. With our robust, user-friendly platform, you can ensure compliance, enhance collaboration, and achieve remarkable efficiency. Join the many government agencies already improving their funding impact with Tahua. Try Tahua for free today and experience the difference firsthand.

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