Relationship management for the grant-making industry, done right.

We’re taking our shot at CRM for grant managers, because you deserve tools that empower your work, not complicate it. Tahua CRM brings the magic back to relationship management – thoughtfully designed just for you, so nurturing connections and funding grants can feel effortless again.

We heard you.

We know that grants management is a “people” focused industry, and that people like yourselves have been looking for a CRM solution to work harmonioulsy with your grants management tools. So rather than¬†settle for duct tape and bubble gum – a disjointed solution cobbled together from mismatched tools – we have decided to help you out.

Introducing Tahua CRM, purpose-built to work seamlessly for you.
Use as part of Tahua grants platform or as a standalone CRM.

Let's speak plainly...
Our industry is different.

Purpose-built is better than patched together.

Our focus

Seamless integration with our first-class grants management system, Tahua Grants

No more wasting time toggling between your CRM and grants management systems. All your data, accessible in one place, giving you more visibility of the interconnected relationships in your ecosystem.

Powerful stakeholder & communications tracking

Easily manage donors, grantees, partners in one place. Track communications across different channels for a full story. Get the complete view you need to help build and support lasting relationships.

Integrations with systems you already use

Push and pull data from your everyday tools. Tahua CRM will keep all your data synchronised.
You focus on relationships; we handle the connections.

And more innovations to come...

We’re just getting started. More grantmaking-focused features on the roadmap.

Want to keep up with our development?