Tahua + Slack Integration

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Get better visibility of your Grants Management activities by integrating Tahua with Slack

Managing a Grants process has a lot of important events happening all the time, particularly in key times of the year, this can be hard to keep up with in a busy environment. If you are an organisation that uses Slack to manage internal communication then integrating your Tahua platform with Slack will help increase your visibility of whats happening in your Tahua grants platform.

Automatically post key events to your slack channels

Once you have integrated Slack with your Tahua Grants Management platform you will benefit from automatic posts to your slack channels for key events such as:

  • New Applicant Created
  • Application Submitted
  • Offer Accepted
  • Milestone Submitted
  • Contract Signed


Enjoy previews of key Tahua records in Slack without leaving the channel

Another great bonus of Integrating Tahua with Slack is the added context when sharing your Tahua links within Slack. When a Tahua link is shared within Slack you will get an automatic preview of the record being sharing giving your users additional context without having to leave Slack to find it.

To find out more about how this could help your organisation Book a Demo below or visit out knowledge base to find technical information on how to add Slack to your Tahua Grants Management System.