Xero Integration

Tahua + Xero Integration

Complete your grants and finance process by integrating your grants management workflow directly with your Xero finance system.

Integrating Tahua & Xero allows you to sync key information between systems such as Contacts, Bills & Payments to reduce double handling, errors and improve your efficiency.

xero and tahua

Why Integrate Tahua with Xero?

Managing your finance obligations in a grants ecosystem can be hard, loading contacts & bills, keeping track of who has been paid, notifying applicants when they have been paid and reporting on payment data are just some of the tasks grants administrators and finance staff have to deal with.

Integrating Tahua with Xero allows you take the pain out of these types of problems by automatically loading your payable bills against the correct contacts in Xero, syncing payment information from Xero to automatically mark your milestones as paid in Tahua and notify applicants when they have been paid. This allows your grant reports to perfectly reconcile between systems.

xero tahua integration high level

What does the integration do?

Funding applications that are awarded funding , go through a milestone process to ensure collection & approval of deliverables tied to an application and to allow release of payments.

However without an integration with Xero administrators must manually create the bills in Xero for each approved Milestone as well as create a Xero Contact for the applicant if they don’t already exist. Additionally when the bills are paid in Xero the Milestone must be manually marked as Paid in Tahua to notify the applicant of remittance and update the payment status.

Our Xero integration solves all of these problems and more through automating the construction of Payable Invoices in Xero with an attached audit document and any invoiced deliverable that might have been collected. As part of the syncing process any associated applicant is automatically created in Xero or mapped for existing Xero contacts that might have been created outside of Tahua. Payments statuses are pulled automatically from Xero back into Tahua to notify applicants of their payment.

This drastically reduces admin time at the finance stage of the grants process, increases audit and traceability around payment approval and streamlines the payments reconciliation process.

Tahua Xero Integration Process Diagram

If you are using Milestones with Contracts, the process diagram below explains how the Integration might look for your Organisation.

Tahua Xero Integration Contracts Workflow Process Diagram

Want to know more?

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