Te Rau Ora

Distributing Māori health funding
across the country

Te Rau Ora is a Māori led organisation that aims to strengthen Māori health through leadership, education, research and health workforce development. They needed a way to distribute their funding to their audience in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Improving the application to contract workflow

Te Rau Ora had been using multiple different systems to manage their funding processes across application, assessment and decision making, through to contracting and milestone tracking. They had no fool proof way to track their successful applicants and measure the impact of their funding. Applications were received via an online form but the process to move these through assessment, decision making and contracting was cumbersome.  Multiple spreadsheets proliferated across the organisation for tracking applicant progress which required manual updating across multiple staff.

Creating a single source of truth for both applicants and administrators

We worked with Te Rau Ora to implement the Tahua grants management platform across specific Te Rau Ora funds. Bringing all of their key grants processes under one roof with the Tahua app gave them a single, reliable source of truth for all of their grants information.

Drastically reducing manual data entry

Because the majority of the information in Tahua is entered by the applicant themselves, the amount of manual data entry required by administrators is drastically reduced. Applicants also benefit from being able to find all of the updates on their application’s status in one place – everything they need is in the applicant portal or delivered to them via automated email updates.

The Tahua system is awesome! Easy to navigate and fill out and information is saved when you switch to different tabs. Thank you!  I am going to recommend this system to our team who do all our grants.

– Te Rau Ora Applicant

Providing a seamless change management service during a busy time

The timing for Te Rau Ora was interesting – they were mid-flight in a funding round having already accepted applications and run assessments via old systems. We stepped in to help them transition smoothly to Tahua while maintaining a seamless experience for their applicants.

With clear communication and a simple data migration strategy we pivoted the business and their applicants to Tahua, allowing them to continue their funding round from the early stages of contracting. This meant they were able to manage both their historic and new applications in the same place. Within a month their fund manager was able to track 120 active contracts across three funds in the new system.

The team at Tahua were so helpful getting us set up on the platform. They are great listeners, super efficient and supportive. Their willingness to go the extra mile was awesome.

– Te Rau Ora Fund Administrator

Integrating with third-party systems

Shortly after they went live with Tahua, Te Rau Ora switched their focus to integrating the platform with their finance system, Accredo. We worked closely with the finance team to understand their specific processes and to ensure that Tahua was giving them all the information they needed in order to reconcile their accounts against applicant invoices.

Streamlining the financial approval process

This integration was a huge timesaver for the organisation as they could now:

  • roll out their contracts across approximately sixty successful applicants per round;

  • receive invoices from those applicants via the Tahua portal; then,

  • run their full approval workflow across fund managers, heads of department and the finance team.

This streamlining of process has saved vast amounts of time across a number of roles within the organisation.

The previous process included a lot of manual work to track and monitor applicants. Information was being collected and then saved elsewhere, our data was quite disconnected and the process inefficient. Tahua gave us a single source of truth for all of our applicant data.

– Te Rau Ora Fund Administrator

Simple reporting

Tahua has provided a single source of truth for the team and they can now report on the impact of their funding with confidence and ease with minimal administrative overhead.

Happy customers

The results of the implementation speak for themselves. Te Rau Ora are able to stand up a new funding round in significantly less time than before they implemented Tahua and the administration workload has been scaled back to being managed by just one full-time employee.

It was a pleasure working with Te Rau Ora and we were privileged to be able to help them on their mission to improve Māori health across the country.

Sally's success journey through Tahua

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