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Tahua provides best in class cloud grants management software platform to help streamline your processes and impact your grants mission.

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Grants management software made simple

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What users are saying about Tahua

"Our small team, has more than doubled both the number of Funding Rounds and the number of contracts under management in the last two years, thanks to Tahua."

- Larry Parr

"The team at Tahua were so helpful getting us set up on the platform. They are great listeners, super efficient and supportive. Their willingness to go the extra mile was awesome."

- Chantelle W

"The Tahua system is awesome! Easy to navigate and fill out and information is saved when you switch to different tabs. Thank you! I am going to recommend this system to our team who do all our grants."

- Funding Applicant

Simplify and get on with your grants mission!

No more time wasted on pushing paper around, mundane administrative work, and figuring out processes. Get your entire grant application process online in a few short steps and start receiving applications.

Make better decisions and award grants faster

Get better results by designing assessment criteria to match exactly your organisation’s requirements and the purposes of your grants. Also, invite a panel of your most trusted experts to help you assess each grant application to award grants faster and with more confidence.

Relax knowing your grants are being used well

No more wasting time wondering how your grants are being used and when your applicants are going to send you a report!


Milestones and reports are baked into Tahua to make it easier for you to get up-to-date information on your applicants’ progress regularly, and in a form that you can easily share with your stakeholders.

Fits your organisation's needs

Your organisation is unique. That is why we’ve made it easy to tailor the forms you use to gather the information you need from your applicants. And once your grants are all said and done, use our custom report builder to create reports that suit your organisation’s needs.

Trusted by government agencies, trusts and foundations

Yes, we're happily integrated

Tahua integrates with a number of popular platforms to help streamline your processes!

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Grants management made simple.
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